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The Murder Scene
my nails scrap across the back of your neck.
i’m struggling to take my last breaths.
my head collides with the mirror;
it’s like the one that i used to look into
when i tried to convince myself i was good enough for you.
i can see my petrified reflection in the pieces that scatter
across this abandoned house.
no one can hear my muffled screams.
you lean down and whisper things into my ear
“this is the way it has to end. just know, i’ve always loved you.”
my eyes widen at the sight of my own blood smeared across these walls.
i give in to the fear.
my golden curls are crushed by your unbearable weight.
your fingers wrap around my neck.
the last seconds are painful
then i find peace.
a peace that you will never know.
two hours later a detective flashes his camera over my exposed body,
analyzing what was lost.
“damn. what a shame. what a good girl.”
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I'll Keep The Light On :iconthe-joker-93:the-joker-93 0 0
The Secret Keepers
these secrets are seeping across the desert floor.
they drench the dry earth with the words i wanted to say out loud
but didn’t.
i just can never quench your thirst.
here is where the keepers stow the secrets.
they keep them locked beneath a million miles of a spider’s web.
they will never tell you my words that so desperately need to be said.
but instead you left me gasping for air at the surface.
censoring my words.
and as those secrets seep beneath the golden gate
my heart aches for them to reach you.
so you know how i’m hurting.
so you understand.
but instead i stand by those golden gates,
with the secret keepers,
praying that one day i’ll have the courage
to let the secrets flood.
because it’s as dry as my bones here.
my aching bones.
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We Change
words of hate sting my back
like whips.
and as my blood spills on this soft cotton,
the color is as red as yours.
with a shady past of hurt and pain,
and years of blood and tears,
we’ve turned pain into love.
we changed.
for the better, we changed.
and now, sitting in that infamous office
is change.
like a hurricane crashing on the coast
everything will change.
a change we need, a change we beg for.
my dreams of true happiness and equality
have slipped into reality.
a reality that embraces even the loveliest of colors.
for today, a yellow man embraces a purple,
and we become one.
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Take A Number
i can see it when you open your mouth and words
like beetles.
“can we leave here, go somewhere quiet?”
aren’t we all begging to be heard?
i never want to listen.
but really, it’s what you won’t say.
and i’m still waiting.
“i’ll take two, straight up.”
somewhere quiet.

and yet, here we stand.
and as my demons reach the surface
i teach you a little lesson,
in reality.
“take your number and wait.”
here, here’s my number!
when really you were waiting in the wrong line
the entire time.
where do we go from here?
we continue to search for that something.
something that feels good, right.
wait, please just wait.
“fuck waiting. i’ll go grab us a table.”
when all i really want is to just stand right here
and wait for that something that’s just
not you.
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Diamonds Are Dust
When I feel like running into your arms and crying my eyes out
I wonder,
will you be there when I poor my heart out on this hard concrete?
She sniffs my clamped fists, full of angst and lies.
She wonders what hides in there; she’s searching for something.
Sometimes I do the very same thing.
She is my confidant.
She is my one and only rock.
Her big brown eyes and button black nose tell me everything will be OK.
The sun will still rise and set.
She will still be there to lick my wounds.
She won’t judge; she doesn’t tell lies when all backs are turned.
The wrestling match we play won’t be with words
but with growling and gnarled teeth.
Her neck shines red of the identity she so carries so confidently.
She belongs to me, with me.
I beg to differ when you tell me that diamonds are my best friends.
They don’t really last forever.
I won’t carry then to the ends of the earth with me,
in a tiny tote that molds right into my side.
I will
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Sometimes, I Think Of You. :iconthe-joker-93:the-joker-93 0 12
fresh snow caresses the rooftops of my newest adventure
i wrap myself tighter in this red blanket;
you move closer.
my warm mittens don’t resist your hand.
your eyelashes are dusted white and my lips are so cold;
i’d rather be in your arms.
i’m shaking from this, this cold
the stars above me stare down in admiration
i reach for the thread that hold us together
i hold on for dear life.
this has got to last
just like the snow
that won’t melt til’ spring.
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Contemplation :iconthe-joker-93:the-joker-93 0 11
It’s your smile that makes the whole day so much better.
I can’t seem to keep you off my mind.
Not even my sanity, kept in my pocket, can calm this.
I’m so hypocritical when I laugh at all the sappy love poems,
but this is insane.
Is that butterflies I feel?
Could it be that I HAVE A CRUSH?
I’ve been so used,
I could never open my heart again,
but I hate that I can’t breathe when you stand next to me.
Everyone knows. TAKE A HINT.
I am so obvious that I even blush when you say my name.
It just sounds so pretty when you say it.
Say my name.
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Mime's Like Pirates :iconthe-joker-93:the-joker-93 0 3
This is my collection of poems and photography, and if you know me you'll know that I've come a long way from when I started. So enjoi.

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conventional conditions.
fingerprints on glass remind me of you:
snow on brick sidewalks, invisible ice on
slick winter pavement, tar black from the shadow
of the always-sunset, crisping paint and
inkwell navy footprints tracing through -
tracing you through autumnal episodes of
channelling frustration with your calloused hands
and you, you are still paused on the brink of never and
always and I,
I am still waiting, too.
you were never enough. you were never
more than hands clasped and fingers laced
and fingers laced through wisps of hair
and holding on with ribbons frayed.
you were afraid. you are afraid.
you are forever words on ocean shores and
words of forever.
spectrum discs of light on choruses of
lazy doves -
you can call like the dove and mourn like the morning,
but you will always be the spider of woe.
you take us apart, you pin us and release our
moth-like bodies and draw us to your light
on the hand-sewn quilt pattern of the
stars in the sky -
the lies that were right and the
innocence kept in a bot
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Emily May Johnson
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